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We may be forced to remove the club’s online calendar. That information can be found in the newsletter.


We’re looking forward to a great year of virtual meetings and photography.



April’s exhibition is the first of three for 2022 that will allow Nature submissions using the new “Expanded Nature” ruleset. Here’s a recap of the details:

Periodically, monthly club exhibitions will allow (but not require) submissions that depict the intersection of nature and human civilization.

This expansion is not a new or separate category. Submissions will be part of the members’ annual Nature (NAT) scores whether they follow the expanded or traditional rules.

Accepted images will be eligible for end-of-the-year awards alongside traditional nature submissions.

For Exhibitions allowing Expanded Nature, members may choose to submit either “Expanded Nature” or “Traditional Nature” entries

Submissions may include the removal of distracting elements or defects and may reflect depiction of all branches of natural history, including anthropology and archeology

Examples of Expanded Nature include:

  • Depiction of natural subjects that have adapted to an environment modified by humans (e.g., wildlife in non-wilderness environments). In this case, human elements are allowed as an integral part of the nature story.
  • Scenes where human elements are included in the depiction of natural forces (e.g., extreme weather or other destructive natural occurrences).
  • Presence of humans or human-created elements as secondary subjects that demonstrate the relative scale of, or interaction with, the primary natural subject AND contribute to the storytelling nature of the image.
  • The intersection of humans and nature that provide perspective or context to natural subjects.
  • Pure black, white, or toned backgrounds and studio shots are allowed.


    Remember, the Club takes August off.

    We are starting something new in 2021 – Monthly photography challenges. That being said, the challenge for March 2021 will be “Mobile Phone (or in-camera) Panoramas. Show us what you come up with during our 4th Tuesday Program. We’d love to see other member’s creative vision.

    How are you staying motivated during Coivd? We’d love to hear how you’re managing with the pandemic and the pursuit of photography.

    We’d really like some help with our 4th Tuesdays. If you’ve got ideas, reach out and share them.

    We’re off and running, having just wrapped up our first juried exhibition. Online meetings have allowed us to keep pursuing our passion for photography and keep our club going strong. We’re looking forward to seeing lots of stunning images throughout the year. Happy Shooting.

    Welcome to CCCC 2021! Although we’re starting the year with restrictions few of us ever imagined would still be keeping us isolated and close to home, we’re well-positioned to have another outstanding year! It’s starting out with a bang on February 2nd, with the first Exhibition Night.

    We’ve added the option to pay your dues online. You’ll find that information on the Membership Page.


    1. Fill the frame. Be bold. Eliminate distractions.
    2. Try a different point of view. High, low, anything that makes a viewer take just an extra second or two digesting your image. It’s all about perspective, share yours.
    3. Keep it simple. You don’t need to include everything you see in your images. Let your subject shine through by avoiding clutter. Remember, the parts are often greater than the sum of the whole.
    4. Keep your camera with you. Don’t leave home without it. You’ll be surprised by the results.
    5. There’s always something to shoot. Take an idea and go from there.


    We are working on wrapping up 2020 and looking forward to an exciting 2021.

    We’ve now got a YouTube ChannelYouTube Logo. Check it out!

    There have been a few intermittent issues with the website that we’re aware of and working on resolving. If you have any issues clear your cache and reload the page.

    All meetings for the remainder of 2020 will be held via Zoom.
    All meetings for May will be held via Zoom.
    All physical meetings for April have been canceled.
    Meetings for the remainder of March have been canceled.


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