Images of the Month

Each Month we will post a number of images which have achieved Acceptances in the monthly exhibition. The images posted each month will be selected based upon number of Acceptances, scores, and a desire to rotate among the various members.

Images on this page are copyright © 2018 – 2020 by the respective artists. All rights reserved to the copyright holder.

September 2020
Tail Of a Whale by Bob RottenbergNature's Design by Stephen Sherrill
July 2020
Gaviota Bend by Stephen SherrillFly Away by Bob Rottenberg
June 2020
April Showers by Bruce StraitsInto the Woods by Bill Banning
May 2020
Peonies by Jeff LipshitzFallen Matriarch by Stuart Wilson
April 2020
PandemicSpirit Of The Forest
March 2020
Impala Fleeing by John StuelpnagelConfusion  by Zoltan Puskas
February 2020
Take Flight by Steven LewisOur Lady of Guadalupe Santa Fe by Stuart Wilson
October 2019
"Nap Time" by Stuart Wilson"Party Clothes" by Chris Seaton
Nap Time by Stuart WilsonParty Clothes by Chris Seaton
"Desert Scene" by Ines Roberts"Always Look Up" by Bill Hallier
Desert Scene by Ines RobertsAlways Look Up by Bill Hallier
September 2019
"Solstice Dancers" by Zoltan Puskas"Intentional Forms" by Bill Banning
Solstice Dancers by Zoltan PuskasIntentional Forms by Bill Banning
"Home Stretch" by Bob Rottenberg"Flying High" by Bill Hallier
Home Stretch by Bob RottenbergFlying High by Bill Hallier
July 2019
"Playa Punta Hermosa" by Dave Basso"Rocket Man" by Bob Rottenberg
Playa Punta Hermosa by Dave BassoRocket Man by Bob Rottenbergjpg
"Chihully Glass Movements" by Zoltan Puskas"How Coy" by Judith Barat
Chihully Glass Movements by Zoltan PuskasHow Coy by Judith Barat
June 2019
"My Visitor" by Ines Roberts"Teammates" by Ron Williams
My Visitor by Ines RobertsTeammates by Ron Williams
May 2019
"Blossom" by Patti Gutshall"Seven Beauties Among the Goldfields" by David Auston
Blossom by Patti Gutshall7 Beauties Among the Goldfields by David Auston
April 2019
"Nightlife" by Greg Smith"Light and Shapes" by Greg Smith
Nightlife by Greg SmithLight and Shapes by Greg Smith
March 2019
"Garden Street Gate" by Bill Banning"San Francisco de Asis Mission Church" by David Auston
Garden Street Gate by  Bill BanningSan Francisco de Asis Mission Church by David Auston
February 2019
"Rice Terraces in Fog" by Ellen Clark"A family that eats together" by Jeff Lipshitz
Rice Terraces in Fog by Ellen ClarkA family that eats together by Jeff Lipshitz
October 2018
"Breach" by Walter Naumann"Breakfast On The Beach" by John Stuelpnagel
Breach by Walter NaumannBreakfast On The Beach by John Stuelpnagel
September 2018
"Sunset Fishermen" by Jeff Lipshitz"Free Range" Fence by Bill Banning
Sunset Fishermen by Jeff LipshitzFree Range Fence by Bill Banning
July 2018
"Lupine Fawn" by Bruce Straights"Peony" by Ron Williams
Lupine Fawn by Bruce StraitsPeony by Ron Williams
June 2018
"Jumper" by Chris Seaton"Heartbroken" by Ron Williams
Jumper by Chris SeatonHeartbroken by Ron Williams
May 2018
"Cuban Couple" by Anne Purdu"Hung Over" by Stephen Sherrill
Cuban Couple by Ann PurdyHung Over by Stephen Sherrill
April 2018
"Eyes" by Michael Millhollan"Vanity" by Ron Williams
Eyes by Michael MillhollanVanity by Ron Williams
March 2018
"Laundry" by Chris Seaton"Ferris Wheel" by Zoltan Puskas
Laundry Day by Chris SeatonFerris Wheel by Zoltan Puskas
February 2018
"Blood Moon" by Stuart Wilson"Sublime Finale" by Stephen Sherrill
Blood Moon by Stuart WilsonSublime Finale by Stephen Sherrill