March 2019 Schedule Bird SIG

March locations are the same as for February all at 7:30AM. They are either known good sites or ones that were rained out.

Mar 6. Goleta Beach. Turn left on entry and drive to the end.

Mar 13. Devereux Slough and Sands Beach. Take Storke Road toward the ocean. Take the right lane where it splits off to a road that curves right and left and follow it to the gate. Obtain a parking permit in the parking lot there, and then park in the lot just before in spaces for the preserve.

Mar 20. UCSB Lagoon. Enter UCSB at the end of Ward Parkway, Hwy 217. Take the round-about exit along the ocean to the end. Obtain a coastal access parking permit.

Mar 27. Haskell’s Beach and Egret Rookery. Take the road at the West end of Hollister Road following Coastal Access signs. Look for the Coastal Access parking lot on the left next to the tennis courts.