Mentors Wanted

David Austin
David Austin

CCCC Seeks Members to Serve as Mentors
by David Auston

To help both new members and current members improve their photographic skills, acquire self-confidence and participate in print and digital image exhibitions, we have established a mentoring system whereby some of our more experienced Club members will be willing to offer advice on a range of topics such as:

  • Choosing and using camera equipment and lenses that match your photography interests.
  • Digital Post-processing: Lightroom & Photoshop & other software programs
  • The digital darkroom: choosing a computer, monitor & storage system
  • Some basic principles of composition
  • Black & white photography basics
  • Preparing and submitting an image for the Club exhibition night
  • Printing your own prints and/or using a print service
  • Other


Members with experience in one or more of the foregoing areas are encouraged to volunteer as mentors.

Simply click here and enter your information and areas of expertise on the form

After we get a few names on the list, we’ll send another notice out to members with details about how to contact a potential mentor.

I (David Auston) will be serving to coordinate the mentorship program. If you have any questions about being a mentor or mentee or how the Program works please contact me by email at [email protected]. I will also be available as a mentor for the topics indicated on the linked form.

– David