2019 Special Assignments

2019 Special Assignments
Year-end Recognition Approved

Quick Summary: Submit all four special assignments this year to be considered for a newly approved year-end recognition.

More Details: At their February 12 meeting, the CCCC Board approved adding high score recognition to members who participate in all four Special Assignments during the year. The purpose of this recognition is to encourage members to plan for (and submit) photos on each Exhibition Night when Special Assignments are featured.

At the end of this year, members with the highest cumulative scores among their four special assignment entries in 2019 will be acknowledged during the January Awards presentation with certificates.

This new recognition will begin with images submitted the for the Special Assignment (OPEN – Santa Barbara Details) scheduled for the March 2019 Exhibition Night.

Summary of 2019 Special Assignments:
Here’s a summary of the Special Assignments and the associated Exhibition Night dates:

March 5th (Submission Deadline, Fri. March 1):
OPEN – Santa Barbara Details: Travel to Santa Barbara and find some hidden treasure that has attracted your attention.

May 7th:
ALTERED REALITY – Symmetry: Use the ideas of symmetry to create your image.

July 2nd:
PEOPLE – Hands: At work, at play, at rest, expressing emotions, etc.

October 1st:
NATURE – Landscape/Seascape Long Exposure: Landscapes showing the passage of time, for example, cloud movement, water flowing, light trails, etc.