Program Night

Tuesday, November 17th Program Night.

We will have a Zoom meeting featuring: Nic Stover: “Psychology of Photography”

Nic will conduct a CONSTRUCTIVE and positive image critique/image review of participant submitted images with feedback and hands on demonstrations on how to make changes to your images in Lightroom for greater impact. This will be mainly be conducted in Lightroom with some minor modifications or/highlighting of the times you might want to use Photoshop. (See the Angle for submission details).

Nic Stover was raised in the high mountains of Western Colorado on a single magazine subscription to National Geographic and only 5 TV channels, where the only shows his family regularly watched were Nature (PBS) and the Tour De France. It was here that his love for adventure, the outdoors, and photography took shape. Stover is based in San Luis Obispo and focuses on landscape photography classes and workshops encouraging his class participants to Develop their skills, Explore their capabilities, and Create meaningful work.

Nic Stover Photography exists to help photographers understand the unique perspectives that assist in the discovery of their capabilities while enabling a deeper connection with themselves and others through creative expression.


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