Tuesday, July 19th – Program Night.

Barbara Vilander will present: The Early History of Photography

The talk will present the history of the development of photography, from its precursors to the invention of roll film in the 1880s.

Technologies discussed will include the camera obscura, the heliograph, daguerreotypes and calotypes, albumen prints, ambrotypes, tintypes and carte-de-visites. The overall format will be to present each technology while examining its technical, social/historical, and aesthetic aspects. A dash of English vs French rivalry, the creativity of Victorian women, and actual samples will also, make an appearance. “My academic specialty is the history of photography and I tremendously enjoy sharing it with others. I teach the subject with great respect while enjoying the lively personalities, some rather unique creative expressions, and flat-out humorous examples. In short, I strive to give an enjoyable stroll through the development of the medium rather than subject you to academic droning.”

So, drop-in at 7:00 pm via Zoom for what promises to be an educational and rewarding presentation.


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