Tuesday, February 21st – Program Night.

Join us for a presentation on Dusk to Dawn: A Virtual Tour by Ron Williams

During the month of January, Ronald Williams exhibited 22 curated photographs in the Faulkner East Gallery in a solo exhibition titled “Dusk to Dawn.” It was a display of night photography that applied modern digital cameras and computer processing techniques to record scenes that would have been virtually impossible to make in the days of film. The exhibition included photographs from three distinct dusk-to-dawn motifs: trains, cityscapes, and starscapes.

As is known by CCCC members, night photography can be a challenging but rewarding genre of the visual arts since it requires the use of longer exposures and specialized equipment to capture the low light levels that exist after dusk. Digital cameras have made it possible to capture high-quality images in dimly lit conditions, thanks to their ability to adjust sensitivity to low light levels paired with advanced image post-processing capabilities using computers. The latter includes such techniques as image stacking that can be used to enhance the final image and bring out the shadow details that are nearly invisible to the naked eye. Trains, cityscapes, and starscapes are all popular subjects for night photography since they offer a range of interesting and dramatic visual elements that can be highlighted by the use of long exposures and creative techniques.

The exhibit includes the trails of light left by passing trains and stars, glowing cities, the Milky Way, and colorful nebulae in the night sky. Ronald β€œRon” Williams has resided in Santa Barbara for six decades. As a research scientist and as a photographer he has pursued both vocation and avocation while enjoying their overlaps. He has won a number of photo contests and has exhibited his work in several Santa Barbara galleries. Fifteen of his prints are part of the permanent collection of art at Cottage Hospital and dozens are to be found in the homes of private collectors.


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