Program Nights

Program Nights are generally held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, excluding January, August, and December.

May 21st – Program Night Details.

A variety of programs are presented by professional photographers and accomplished club members. Past subjects have included portfolio reviews, photographic techniques, the history and art of photography, and more. These monthly programs are a club highlight for many members and provide a learning experience as well as visual enjoyment.

Beginning in 2024, the club will offer periodic live, in-person program nights as we continue to seek opportunities to balance our recent reliance on virtual meetings via Zoom with a desire to bring members together for more social interactions.

If you’d like to see videos of select programs over the past few years, you can view or download several of our archived Zoom Programs Archive or Exhibitions Archive.

Learn About Membership

Tuesday, May 21st – Program Night.

In Person Meeting

“From Concept to Completion: Mastering Your Personal Photography Projects” Summary:

Embark on a journey of turning your photography ideas into tangible, completed projects with Bob Killen’s expert guidance. In this 70-minute hands-on (in-person) lecture, Bob shares invaluable insights garnered from his Art Photography Masterclasses and Mentor Programs.

Have you ever struggled to bring your personal photography projects to fruition? Whether it’s grappling with the initial concept or losing steam midway, Bob understands the common obstacles that creatives face. Drawing from his extensive experience, Bob introduces the concept of “thematics” and Creative Segmentation, empowering photographers to start and finish projects successfully.


Send your ideas, suggestions, and contact info for possible presenters to: [email protected]