Non-competitive Image Sharing

Here’s an opportunity to share up to three photos with club members at our March 26 Education/Training Night. We’ll collect images from members to project (or share as prints). You’ll have the chance to tell us about the inspiration, equipment, and/or technique that brought the image(s) to life. If you wish, you can engage members of the audience in feedback or answer any questions they may have.

This year the Camera Club would like to provide members with more opportunities outside of Exhibition Nights to share their work with other club members. Our plan is to engage members in discussion about their own photography without the pressure of competitive scoring.

We’ll be trying out several ways to do this over the course of the year on 4th Tuesdays. This first attempt (on March 26) will be a trial run. We’re not sure how long each member’s portion will last, so we’ll rotate through the submitted images. If we don’t get to all of them, we’ll schedule them for another month.