World Ocean Day

Oceans are immensely important and vital to humans. It feeds us, producing vast amounts of fish and seafood. We sail it, to bring people and cargo to and from places around the world. There's recreational boating, too. We swim in it. Oceans are so important to us, that it is only fitting that we celebrate ... Read more

June 2023 – Virtual Program


Tuesday, June 20th – Program Night. “In this presentation, Michael will discuss his 30+ year evolution from landscape photography generalist to black and white artist whose works revere the diversity and visual drama of Death Valley and the California deserts.” Michael E. Gordon is an award-winning photographic artist best known for his black-and-white images from ... Read more

Creative Assignments – Website Favorites


June 27, 2023...Show us 2-3 websites you’ve found that contain relevant content for your photographic style and/or interests. Prepare to share your screen and tell us why you selected these sites. Join us via Zoom

National Selfie Day

Today is National Selfie Day. It's a cinch to participate in this and, it's fun! Simply take your smartphone out and take a selfie. Better yet, take a selfie with friends. Most people believe selfies originated when smartphones came on the scene. Smartphones have built-in, hi pixel cameras, with a lens on both sides of ... Read more

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