Virtual Juried Exhibition – 03/2023


Join us for another fun and educational night as our judges give tips on improving our photography. It's those little insights that go a long way.

St. Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated annually on March 17, the anniversary of his death in the fifth century. The Irish have observed this day as a religious holiday for more than a millennium.

George Rose Program 2023 (virtual)


Beginning in 1977 as a young 23-year-old photographer with the Los Angeles Times, George Rose had his shutter finger focused on the pulse of Hollywood, Beverly Hills and much of the pop culture landscape. From the parties, club and arena concerts, premieres, intimate celebrity portraits, and fashions, Rose brought his distinctive documentarian approach to photography ... Read more

March 2023 – Creative Assignments (virtual)


Tell a photographic story in 5-6 images. It should have a beginning, middle, and end. It can be about one person (or more), place or thing. “Everything has been photographed before,but not by you!” (Thanks to Alison Morley for this assignment).

4th Virtual Tuesday – 04-2023


April 25, 2023...Pick 2/3 images from 2/3 photographers you admire. Select the images and be prepared to share your screen to show and discuss each image and why they (the photographers and images) were selected.

Virtual – Improving Your Landscape Photography


Join us for a presentation on by Jon Norris: Joshua Tree National Park – Improving Your Landscape Photography Jon Norris is a landscape photography guide, Nature First, and JTNPA Desert Institute, volunteer. Jon offers one-to-one and small-group workshops, in Joshua Tree National Park. He started taking photos at 14 with his trusty Zenit 10, teaching ... Read more

World Ocean Day

Oceans are immensely important and vital to humans. It feeds us, producing vast amounts of fish and seafood. We sail it, to bring people and cargo to and from places around the world. There's recreational boating, too. We swim in it. Oceans are so important to us, that it is only fitting that we celebrate ... Read more