Early 4th Tuesday – Virtual


We've flipped our Tuesdays. Join us this month for our Creative Assignments a week early. September will feature the following types of images: Share your architectural lines: Urban structures from an exceptional point of view. Share your strangers on the street: Street photography to capture an interesting feature/aspect of people out there. Share your stillness: ... Read more

Jerry Fleury – PSA Program


Join Jerry Fleury, the Southern California Representative for PSA (The Photographic Society of America) for a presentation on the benefits of CCCC's ongoing club-level PSA membership and for individual members when they join PSA. If you're a PSA member or not, this presentation should be of interest to you. Specifically, you'll learn about an online ... Read more

Creative Assignments (Oct/22) – Virtual


Share your playing with color: Enuf said.... go wild! Share a what's blooming in your world: Grass, flowers, buds, house plants Share your night: Streetlight, store windows, sunsets, astrophotography

Cliché Day

Today is Cliché Day, where we celebrate clichés.

4th Virtual Tuesday – 11/2022


November 22, 2022, 4th Tuesday Assignments: Share your patterns of love: Repetitive patterns, repeating designs in nature, architecture, etc. Share a black & white day: Spending a day seeing in monochrome Share your cloud: Photograph clouds whether from an airplane or from the ground. experiments with filters, color or black & white