Tuesday, May 21st Program Night: “Making Choices, Making Pictures” by Sara Yerkes

About the Presentation: Sara’s initial significant experience with photography began in a darkroom class. She continued to shoot B&W film and print in her own darkroom until she was interrupted for a fairly long while by a graduate program in art history. Her studies in Roman art, including an excavation in Tuscany, and extensive travels throughout Italy influence her work today.

In her work Sara tries to match process with concept. This begins with her preference for B&W photography and its ability to immediately alter reality. Furthering this, in her Inbetween series, for instance, she uses long exposures to transform the ordinary into the otherworldly, capturing what the eye does not see.

She began making Lith prints a number of years ago. This process, using a dilute Lith developer, warms and softens the image, and adds grittiness, depending on the paper.
In her Artifact series, which is also shot with B&W film, she uses a Lith developer but a different paper to create a warm, rosy tone, like terracotta in the sun, creating images to simulate objects that have been discovered after hundreds of years. She then transfers the emulsion of these images onto watercolor paper, offering further texture and distortion to simulate distressed, chipped and fragmented surfaces.

Her most recent series is a lith-printed/emulsion-transferred homage to Santa Barbara.

The program Will be at the natural history Museum, behind the museum in Ferrand Hall, on Tuesday, April 16, 2019, at 7:00 pm to socialize and 7:30 pm to start the program. Hearing enhancement equipment is available.