Tuesday, February 19th Program Night: The London Salon of Photography 2018 Exhibition

Every year, The London Salon, which had its 100th Annual Exhibition in 2011, organizes a photography competition of select international prints that are subsequently exhibited in London, Scotland, and Ireland. A highly competitive exhibition, the London Salon only accepts photographic work for which there is “distinct evidence of artistic feeling and execution”. Each year a catalog of the accepted prints is created, and a compact disc is produced of selected prints with commentary by one of the Salon Members, together with a sequence without commentary of all the prints from that annual exhibition.

One of our Club members, Ines Labunski Roberts, will present the 2018 Salon program. Her work has been accepted in the Salon for many years, dating back to the time she lived in Scotland. In 1996, she was invited to join a select group of “Salon Members”, which is recognized as a special honor – at the time the Salon had only 35 members (now 44).

Ines has presented the annual exhibition of the London Salon to our Club for many years and the images are always varied, inspirational and thought-provoking (50 minutes).

The program Will be at the natural history Museum, behind the museum in Ferrand Hall, on Tuesday, February 19, 2019, at 7:00 pm to socialize and 7:30 pm to start the program. Hearing enhancement equipment is available.