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Camera Club Members

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Camera Club Flickr Site - Upload Photos here
URL: https://googl.Kzjyxa
Title: Camera Club Flickr
Camera ClubGoogle+ Photos - Archives - View Only
Title: Photos of Channel City Camera Club
Old Picasaweb Site - Archives - View Only
Instructions for Posting on the Flickr Photo Site
Camera Club Facebook Group
URL: Camera Club Facebook Site
Title: Facebook| Channel City Camera Club
Christine Bourgeois
Title:Christine Bourgeois' photos - powered by Smugmug
Dan Moore
Title: Dan's Photo Galleries at
Terry Straehley
TITLE: Images by Terry Straehley
Charles Henry
CNH Photography: Waterfalls &emdash; ProxyFalls3OR
Title: Zenfolio | Charles Henry Photography

Photo Education

Digital Photography School

Regular instructional articles, challenges, and surveys. You can also receive regular e-mails

The Strobist

Lighting with emphasis on Off-Camera Flash. Read Lighting 101 and Lighting 102 for a general overview. Many behind the scenes stories with examples of different lighting situations. Email subscription.

Ask Tim Grey

Tim Grey has a number of training options. One free option is his eNewsletter which you can receive for free. He answers questions from paid subscribers ($35/year), but you can get the answers for free by signing up here.


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