Each Month we will post a number of images which have achieved Acceptances in the monthly exhibition. The images posted each month will be selected based upon number of Acceptances, scores, and a desire to rotate among the various members.

Images on this page are copyright © 2016-2017 by the respective artists. All rights reserved to the copyright holder.

June 2017
"Trona Train" by Zoltan Puskas"L.A. Central Market" by Bill Banning
Trona Train by Zoltan PuskasLA_Central_Market%%Pri%%Bill_Banning
May 2017
"Santa Barbara Harbor" by Terry Straehley"Navigating" by Chris Seaton
April 2017
"Meadow in the Rain" by George Welik"Paris Rooftops" by Bob Rottenberg
Meadow in the Rain by George WelikParis Rooftops by Bob Rottenberg
March 2017
"Badlands Storm" by Judith Barat"Seeking Perspective" by Stephen Sherrill
Badlands Storm by Judith BaratSeeking Perspective by Stephen Sherrill
February 2017
"Leadbetter Low Tide" by Bill Banning"Stop Aurora" by James Studarus
"End of Day" by Patti Gutshall"Light Like Vermeer" by Ellen Clark
May 2016
"Blue Hour Fantasy" by Bill Banning"Leopard" by Chris Seaton
"Wing Embrace" by Ines Roberts"Love" by Ken Pfieffer
April 2016
"Life" by Jeff Lipshitz"Coming to An Understanding" by Chris Seaton
"In Another World" by Ron Williams"Havana Street Scene" by Bob Rottenberg
March 2016
"Havana Daybreak" by Bob Rotenberg"On the Way to Grandma's" by David Hancock
"Waterfall" by Ron Williams"Isle with the Pearl Earring" by Judith Barat
February 2016
"Into the Night" by Ron Willaims"Attack of the Arctic Terns" by Ian Ross
PriIntoTheNightRWilliamsterns protecting their nests from us
"Terrestrial Lifel" by Ken Pfeiffer"Voiceless Poet" by George Welik