Each Month we will post a number of images which have achieved Acceptances in the monthly exhibition. The images posted each month will be selected based upon number of Acceptances, scores, and a desire to rotate among the various members.

Images on this page are copyright © 2018 by the respective artists. All rights reserved to the copyright holder.

July 2018
Lupine Fawn by Bruce StraitsPeony by Ron Williams
June 2018
"Jumper" by Chris Seaton"Heartbroken" by Ron Williams
Jumper by Chris SeatonHeartbroken by Ron Williams
May 2018
"Cuban Couple" by Anne Purdu"Hung Over" by Stephen Sherrill
Cuban Couple by Ann PurdyHung Over by Stephen Sherrill
April 2018
"Eyes" by Michael Millhollan"Vanity" by Ron Williams
Eyes by Michael MillhollanVanity by Ron Williams
March 2018
"Laundry" by Chris Seaton"Ferris Wheel" by Zoltan Puskas
Laundry Day by Chris SeatonFerris Wheel by Zoltan Puskas
February 2018
"Blood Moon" by Stuart Wilson"Sublime Finale" by Stephen Sherrill
Blood Moon by Stuart WilsonSublime Finale by Stephen Sherrill