Education/Training Night

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Education/Training Night – Non-Competitive Portfolio Sharing…Plus

On Tuesday, May 28th: Bill Banning will be presenting Non-Competitive Portfolio Sharing…Plus:

Part I: Share a selection of images from your portfolio: This month I’m looking for one club member to present and discuss a selection of six to ten photos from their portfolio. It might be a series of images on a common subject, theme, or technique. It might also be a selection of favorite images to share. It’s up to you! Ask for feedback, tell us about the story or technique behind the pieces, or simply show a selection of favorites to hear the ooh’s and aah’s from the audience. Let me know if you’d like to be the first in what may become a regular option for members.

Part II: Share some images (anonymously or not) with us to use in a couple of exhibition scoring experiments: For years, we’ve had periodic interest in modifying the way we score photos on exhibition nights. At this month’s fourth Tuesday meeting, we’ll try out some options that have been suggested by club members in the past. Among the trial options will be:
• Hearing the judges comments before they lock in their scores (Past President, Walter Naumann is an advocate of this, what he calls the “Dancing with the Stars” method).
• “Crowd-sourced” scoring that will have members in the audience provide anonymous votes which will be averaged to determine final scores. The specific method of this trial will be shared at the meeting.

How to Participate: This month’s meeting will be another great opportunity for member participation! I’m looking for:
• Several members to submit images for the exhibition scoring trails Previously submitted images (accepted or not) or new images in any category
• Three members to serve as exhibition trial judges in the “Comments First” experiment
• One member to share and discuss six to ten portfolio images.